About Us

Greetings from Culpeper County Rescue Squad, Inc. We take great pride in serving the citizens of Culpeper. Since 1942, we have been providing emergency services to our community free of charge. Founded by Captain William H. Carper and twenty other men who gave freely of themselves to help their friends and neighbors in time of need, Culpeper Rescue Squad continues to emulate their model of self sacrifice. Culpeper has grown tremendously since 1942 and we are constantly under pressure for new members to meet the increasing demand. If you have ever wanted a way to help others, consider joining us. You will find the experience challenging, yet very rewarding. Being an EMT is very fulfilling in many ways. If you would like to help, but are not sure that you want to respond on an ambulance, we have a great need for many other skills including fund-raising, administrative assistance, etc. If you want to help and volunteer in the Culpeper Community, we will find a task in the rescue squad that suits your interests. For more information on anything posted on the website or about our events please contact us at (540) 825-2247.